Make your own tea – Herbal tea kit with chai masalas & complementary honey


A customized herbal tea kit where you can choose up to 4 different tea packs and a chai masala as per your choice! We will add a complementary 20g jar of our Wildflower honey to sweeten up your cup of tea.

How to order?  Simply choose your favorite teas and a chai masala from below. We require you to choose at least 3 teas (Tea 1 – Tea 3) and a chai masala to proceed.

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Tea 1 (Required)

Tea 2 (Required)

Tea 3 (Required)

Tea 4 (Optional)

Chai Masala 1 (Required)

Chai Masala 2 (Optional)

Natural Sweetener (Complementary from us)


Add-ons total:


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