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An online store bringing the local Indian ‘super-foods’ from farms to your table – in their most unprocessed form, grown ethically by Indian farmers using their traditional wisdom.

We work closely with local farmer households and communities alike across the country, who either grow herbs & crops in small farms or collect/hand-make foods traditionally, to give you the experience of what traditional Indian farming tastes like!

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Homegrown Platter – An Idea

India’s rich agricultural wisdom, climatic conditions and traditionally old methods of cultivation produce foods that can do wonders to mind and body, as has been recognized by Ayurveda.

Travelling across villages, we found our heart in all such farms, which is why we started working on the idea of Homegrown Platter – a venture to bring all that is grown locally, from a farmer’s land to your platter, creating a global recognition about these local Indian Super-foods while supporting the communities that grow them. While you enjoy all of our proudly grown foods of India, cherish their goodness and escape into traditional farms from the most bio-diverse regions.

Indian farmer

Meet our farmers!

At places where villages are just as small as the reach of our eyesight, with almost everyone knowing each other and living a sustainable life, these families spend their whole lives and multiple generations growing few products on their lands.

Their experience and knowledge about their produce is simply unparalleled. Speaking to the local communities just left us astounded as to what all the nature has to offer and how these ingredients & products have such high nutritional value, making India a true hotspot of super-foods, grown the most traditionally organic way!

We have joined hands with these small farmers and every time you buy our products, you are not just supporting a local brand, but many families who are working super hard to give you a package of goodness in that jar.