Health Benefits & Uses of Edible Damask Rose Water

Edible Rose Water or pure Gulab Ark- a perfect luxurious gut cooling ingredient for cooking to add subtle flavor of Rose Petals to your desserts, biryani, milk or even drinking water.

How is pure edible rose water made?

Our Edible Rose Water, pure Gulab Ark is traditionally steam distilled using freshly plucked Damask Rose Petals grown without any pesticides or fertilizers & harvested early morning in Uttarakhand. It is not a by product of rose essential oil. We only produce ROSE WATER. This process retains the natural therapeutic aroma & flavor of rose petals, giving a clear rose water unlike some other red-pink colored waters that contain added colours.

Why to choose Damask Rose Water?

“Damask” is a variety of roses that originated in West Asia and now grows in some parts of Uttarakhand. Unlike traditional Indian roses, this rare variety of rose is Pink in color and has to be harvested before sunrise according to what farmers say. They say that after a full bloom, sunlight can reduce their aroma and goodness and hence they get to work as early as 4 A.M. to collect all the flowers.

Also, studies have shown that Damask rose is richer than desi gulab in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which makes our Edible Damask Rose Water perfect for consumption.

Health Benefits of pure Rose Water 

  • Pure Steam Distilled Rose water is rich in antioxidants and show antibacterial properties. These antioxidants help keep the skin healthy and improve cell regeneration process.
  • It is known as an excellent gut coolant.
  • Some books state that consumption of Rose Water can help combat PMS cramps & also helps in balancing hormones.
  • Traditionally, roses have been attributed to be great antidepressants and mood enhancers. Ayurveda is a huge promoter of rose intake to lift up the mood as opposed to chemical-laden medicines.

Drink Pure Rose Water

Adding Rose Water to drinking water especially during summers can be extremely cooling for your body and gut. It also makes drinking water fun. Rose Water adds a moist, cool and subtle floral flavor to the drinking water.

Or you can add edible rose water to milk, tea, coolers, cocktails, mocktails, lassi, sharbat, dessert, kheer, and what not!

Active ingredient in recipes for biryani

Add 3-4 tablespoons of our pure rose water to some yoghurt and saffron. Use this mix with your heated vegetables and spices while you put those rice on the flame. This rose water will give a dramatic aroma to your delicious biryani and will complement the flavour of all spices.

Excellent addition for summer coolers

Rose water adds an all natural fragrance to your summer coolers, especially our rose water made from Damask Roses. Add a couple of tablespoons to your glass of lemonade or shikanji and enjoy the soothingly refreshing aroma in every sip of the magical desi mocktail with no artificial flavors.

Cooling Rose Water Lassi

Lassi is a curd based sweet drink traditionally very famous across India since hundreds of years. Just add 1-2 tablespoons of our rose water to your glass of lassi and enjoy! Similarly, our rose water can be added to any sort of sharbat or even tea for a magical aroma that too an all natural way unlike those artificial syrups available in the market.

Add Rose Water to your Kheer

Kheer – an Indian sweet dish that tastes best when prepared with saffron, cardamom, dry fruits and all sorts of flavourful garnishing. Ever tried adding some rose flavor to that bowl of delicious kheer? That’s super simple and gives an unparalleled taste to the dish. Simply add a couple of tablespoons of our rose water to your bowl of kheer and enjoy! This water made just from organic Damask roses collected from the farms of Uttarakhand will add its goodness and taste to the dessert.

Try this luxurious ingredient from the Himalayas for your health & cooking: Edible Damask Rose Water, 200ml [Steam Distilled Gulab Ark]

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