Why is Tulsi known as a natural antibiotic?

Have you ever wondered why is Tulsi known as a natural antibiotic? This is something most of us would have grown-up to from our parents or grandparents.

‘Mother medicine of nature’, Tulsi, also known as the holy basil is a perennial plant with great benefits for the mind, body and spirit. Tulsi has brilliant anti-stress and mind clarifying properties making it an unsung hero that can be a natural antibiotic to ease multiple diseases. It boosts immunity, promotes better sleep, and enhances overall health and well-being.

Tulsi leaves have magical healing properties. How?

Here’s an overview of the myriad of wellness benefits that using Tulsi has:

  • Tulsi leaves help fix sleep issues, relieve fatigue and can even cure fever

Being an excellent antibiotic, germicidal, fungicidal, and disinfectant agent it helps protect the body from all forms of bacterial and viral infections and is also effective in treating Dengue and Malaria.

  • Holy basil also lowers imbalanced cholesterol and prevents heart diseases

Tulsi has shown a positive impact on the reduction of cholesterol levels in the human body, which is why it is helpful in the prevention of heart diseases. It has vitamin C and other antioxidants such as eugenol, which protects the heart from harmful radicals.

  • Tulsi is a natural booster to fight against infections and heal wounds

Extracts made from tulsi leaves are thought to boost wound healing speed. It has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties which helps protect the body from infections. Some people use tulsi leaves after surgery to protect the body from infections and for a speedy recovery.

  • It reduces the risk of kidney stone

The tulsi plant helps with the reduction in uric acid level in the body and detoxifies the body. This is one of the major reasons for kidney stones. It helps clean out the kidney through increased urination. Traditionally, it is prescribed that swallowing tulsi leaves (do not chew) on an empty stomach helps in the removal of kidney stones.

  • Tulsi helps with asthma and excess mucus in the lungs

The magical plant of tulsi has the power to relieve chest congestion and nasal congestion which facilitates smoother breathing. One of the many benefits of tulsi includes the cure of Asthma because of phytonutrients and minerals present in it.

  • Dental Care

Tulsi leaves help destroy the bacteria responsible for dental cavities, plaque, tartar and bad breath. The astringent properties of holy basil help strengthen the gums which help in holding the teeth tighter. However, it is advised to swallow basil leaves and not chew them for too long because of the plant based acid contents present in them.

  • Tulsi can also help reduce anxiety, stress and elevate your mood

It stimulates neurotransmitters that regulate the hormones which are responsible for happiness.

  • Tulsi leaves to relieve skin irritations (itching, urticaria etc)

Taking a bath in tulsi decoction mixed water helps in curing any skin infections, and removing skin impurities. Moreover, consuming tulsi leaves regularly can help prevent many skin infections. Traditionally, our ancestors rubbed tulsi leaves or their extracted oil on the body to keep insects and mosquitos away.

How to include it in your daily regime?

All parts of the plant are useful for their medicinal properties from seeds, flowers and leaves. You can incorporate tulsi into your daily regime as a tea made with the leaves. It is all these benefits of the miracle plant which makes Tulsi known as a natural antibiotic.

Best way in our opinion is to make a tea with tulsi leaves, you can use our Dried Shyama tulsi leaves for an enhanced experience + a few whole cloves, ginger, black pepper and honey/jaggery especially when you have a cold or flu. It also helps to reduce inflammation and headaches. You can use this as a throat gargle too.

With such numerous benefits, Tulsi can absolutely be your in-house savior for many issues.

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