Benefits of adding Tulsi in Chai

Enjoying utmost importance in India, our ancestors enjoyed the benefits of adding Tulsi leaves in their daily Chai since ages.

Queen of the herbs’, ‘an incomparable one’ – Tulsi, with its rich history stretching back thousands of years is revered for its medicinal and religious qualities and of course for its refreshing and robust aroma making it totally worth adding to your health and wellness routine.

Taking a holistic approach to health, Ayurveda encourages regular consumption of tulsi. Ayurveda prescribes that tulsi helps improve metabolism and enhance the body’s capacity to maintain balance.

What are the benefits of adding Tulsi leaves in Chai?

Have you ever wondered about this? Well, with its immense benefits, why not!

It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, zinc and iron plus the antioxidants present in it protect cells from the damage.

Since Tulsi is antibiotic, disinfectant, antibacterial, and antifungal in nature, it benefits the skin, keeping infections at bay and increasing your immunity when consumed regularly.

Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of tulsi and why you must have it as a mandatory ingredient in your tea.

  • Tulsi is considered as the “elixir of life”, promoting longevity and balance within the body, especially of the “doshas” (the three bodily bio-elements – Vata, Pitta and Kapha). It is a natural protector of organs and tissues with powerful cleansing properties and adaptogenic qualities
  • It naturally reduces the negative physical and psychological effects of stress. Tulsi heals your body and soul by lowering the levels of stress hormone – cortisol
  • Tulsi also increases the body’s efficiency in using oxygen, which boosts stamina, strength and endurance
  • It supports a healthy respiratory system, especially during a cough and sinus congestion
  • Tulsi supports digestion and helps with gastrointestinal problems
  • It also facilitates healthy liver function
  • Another significant benefit of tulsi is that it’s great for hot-flashes and other menopause symptoms
  • It also promotes heart health by lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure

Tulsi tea vs coffee:

Unlike coffee, is completely caffeine-free and can awaken your senses without being too stimulating. The non-stimulating properties of tulsi gives it the tag of a vitalizer.

It’s not only nutritious, but absolutely rejuvenating and one can enjoy our miracle herb – Dried Shyama Tulsi Leaves as a star ingredient in their morning, afternoon or evening cup of tea to gain that extra boost of energy and experience those soothing “aha” moments in your day.

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