India’s First Edible Damask Rose Water
from Himalayas

Uttarakhand is blessed with such climate, altitude, soil and hard working farmers that it has come a long way towards becoming the hotspot of herb farming. People in the small districts of Uttarakhand have been growing damask roses and other Ayurvedic herbs since ages using their traditional wisdom, without using any modern machinery or chemicals.

Damask Rose petals collecting
Damask petals collection

Direct from Indian Farms

We’re proud to come up with India’s first ever edible Damask Rose Water which is made locally. Our Damask Roses are grown in small hilly villages at an altitude of around 1,500 meters where nature supports their growth by all means, away from any city pollution or commercial farming. These villages are so small that it is even difficult to find a motorable road nearby.


We have adopted a small farm there and have joined hands with some farmer families growing Damask Roses in Uttarakhand. Some of them have small distillation setups (which we cannot call machinery because it is all labour oriented).


Damask, being a rare variety of rose also has it’s own nitty-gritty. Our farmers say that when fully bloomed, they need to be harvested early morning. When they say early, they mean as early as 4 A.M. before sun rays fall on them, so as to retain all their goodness.

After the flowers are hand collected, their wives clean the petals manually so as to retain the best quality flowers that go in for distillation and for drying.

Damask rose sorting
Damask petals - cleaning

What after sorting the fresh petals?

As this rose water is intended to be for edible purposes, extra care is taken to remove any dust particles. The petals are then washed to get rid of any dust or grit.


In the meantime, farmers prepare the distillation setup for heating. In their small traditional steam distillation setup, they heat the water containing cleaned Damask rose petals, the steam from which is then collected in a separate container, which is what we call “Rose Water”. This is such a slow process that it takes about a day to collect just 8-10 litres of rose water in that small apparatus.

After quality checks, we then pack this Damask Rose Water in sterilized glass bottles to retain all their goodness.

Damask rose water distillation

Ours is a steam distilled Rose Water made from freshly collected Damask Roses unlike some commercially available rose water which is nothing but perfumed regular water infused with rose petals.


Let’s use it as locals do!


On interacting with our farmers, we also got to know about a very exciting way in which they prefer to consume it – in “Wines!”

They add a couple of tablespoons in their glass of wine or other drinks and that taste is something that needs a special mention because we ourselves have enjoyed our evenings sitting with them sipping these Rose wines besides their farms watching beautiful sunsets!


Versatile uses:

✔️ add to drinking water as it is cooling for gut
✔️ add to tea, desserts or cocktails for a refreshing flavor
✔️ pairs well with fruits such as strawberries, dark and white chocolate
✔️ traditionally used in biryanis too
✔️ great for skincare
✔️ mild perfume for hair/linen

Rose water for kheer

Having these local farm produce without any modern technology is simply therapeutic!