Curry Leaf Buttermilk for a Healthy Hair

Organic curry leaf powder

This article will walk you through the experience and suggestions of Madhuri – a skin and hair care blogger and the recipe of curry leaf buttermilk for a healthy hair.

Being a skincare enthusiast for more than 4 years now, what I’ve learnt is that as much as it’s important to protect and take care of your skin topically it’s equally or in fact more important to provide internal nourishment that will help to keep your skin, hair & entire body happy and healthy. Giving your body the required nutrients as a part of routine will support it from within & it gives you a permanent solution for your skin/hair concerns as well. If you observe that your skin concerns are recurring in a pattern, it’s probably because your body is lacking something. Topical skincare/haircare products need physical support of your body to show the best result. That means if your body is internally well nourished, it enhances the result of the products that you use.

Edible skincare comes in picture there!

You need to understand what your body is lacking in your everyday diet. Make sure you are adding it in some form to keep the nutrients in check. Since our childhood, we have grown up listening to our moms and grand-moms asking us to have more greens to stay healthy & that is actually very true. Usually people do not like the taste of most nutritious food like kale, spinach, curry leaves and the like. As a kid, I also belonged to that lot who picks and puts aside all the greens in the plate.

As I grew up, I’ve known the importance of greens and how they benefit our body; but I still had this problem of “Good food always tastes bad”. I did not really want my body to miss out the best foods that it actually needs. All I wanted was to make them taste better by trying different recipes. All we have to make sure is, if you can’t have it raw –try to include it in your diet in some interesting form but don’t miss out. I think one of the most common greens that we pick out from the plate is curry leaves. Isn’t it? They have a wide range of advantages. Keep reading to know a few and find some fun recipes at the end.

Some fun recipes that you can try!

Curry leaf buttermilk for a healthy hair This is actually a part of my routine for a very long time now. My Ayurvedic doctor has recommended me this when I shared my concern of not being able to consume more curry leaves because of their taste but this recipe tastes amazing! You will also be addicted to it, all you have to do is try it once and be consistent!

Recipe Take a spoon of curry leaf powder, add it to cup of curd/yogurt, take a glass of water & blend them all together/use a frother to mix them all together. There is no limit on how much powder you add to the buttermilk. The greener, the better! It is good to use Homegrown Platter curry leaf powder as it does not leave any pulp, requires less effort & takes less time to make the buttermilk!

Best time to consume it is after your lunch. Do try this magical potion. It works as food to your hair.

Benefits of curry leaves buttermilk

  • Rich in fibre, calcium, phosphorous, iron and vitamins like C, A, B & E. It promotes your overall health by providing rich antioxidant protection
  • Curry leaves promote hair growth
  • Curry leaves help flush out the toxins from the body
  • With their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, curry leaves provides your skin with the required nutrients
  • A great ingredient for good eyesight

Alternatives to buttermilk Mix the curry leaves powder in almond milk/oats milk/lukewarm water if you want to go dairy-free. The benefit is still the same.

Sprinkle it! You can sprinkle this powder on top of your sandwich/avocado spread or even add it to the desi rasam!

Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you try any recipe using curry leaf powder, do tag me (@skinslayerblog) – would love to see your exciting curations coming my way..

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    I was about to ask this to you Madhuri. The one you make with fresh leaves can it be swapped with powder, and here you are with the recipe even before asking! Thank you ♥️

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