Blue Rice Buddha Bowl Recipe

Blue Rice Buddha Bowl Recipe
Have you ever wondered how some flowers can be used to add exciting elements to everyday cooking? Butterfly Pea Flowers or Blue Pea Flowers can do wonders to the food through its magical blue color and have a range of versatile uses in cooking.

What are the benefits of Butterfly Pea Flower?

Butterfly pea flowers, known as “Shankhpushpi” in Indian Ayurveda are widely known for their high antioxidant properties which help bring a natural glow to the skin, promote hair growth, improve blood circulation, concentration and work as a perfect brain booster. It gives an instant energy boost because of its high antioxidant contents.

What are the interesting uses of Butterfly Pea Flowers?

Blue pea flowers are popularly known for many different uses in an all-natural way! They can be used to make a host of drinks like herbal blue tea, mocktails or some exciting cocktails. They are also used very creatively to make recipes like blue rice (read below for a simple recipe), blue noodles, breads, cakes, and what not.

Blue rice Buddha bowl recipe!

Blue Rice Buddha Bowl Recipe

  • Add some dried blue pea flowers to 1 glass of water.
  • Cook 1/2 glass rice in this blue water with salt and other condiments as per taste.
  • Grill some paneer or tofu or soy bean with your favorite spices.
  • Saute some veggies like cabbage, capsicum, mushrooms and baby corn.
  • Put them all in a bowl and enjoy with your favorite sauces!
A perfect surprise for the kids..
These interesting yet healthy recipes act as a surprise treat for kids who look for nothing but food from restaurants. This will add an element of surprise in every meal that they have. The good part is that these flowers do not change the taste of food, just give it exciting shades of blue/purple and pack it with antioxidants for maximum goodness in every meal.
Try this Blue Pea Tea that is grown in India: Butterfly Pea Flowers for Herbal Blue Tea from a Bengal village, 10g
Pictures by What She Captures for Homegrown Platter.

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