About our farm produce and quality!

What is Homegrown Platter?

Homegrown Platter is an idea-turned-brand to promote whatever is grown, made and harvested traditionally in India.

Where do your products come from?

We are working with small Indian farmer families in villages across towns like Palampur and Siliguri. We have also adopted a small farm in Uttarakhand to ensure quality and for the family’s upliftment.

How do I know that your products are pure?

We work directly with farmers and harvest small batches. Our produce is chemical and cruelty-free. Try our produce and you will notice the difference from any commercial brand.

Are your products edible?

Each of our products having FSSAI registration number on its label is edible.

What is Damask Rose?

Damask is a rare variety of rose that is light pink in color. It does not have the bitter-strong rose taste and is soothing to tongue and the body.

How is your Damask rose water made?

Our Damask Rose water is traditionally made by steam distillation where we collect the steam from Damask rose infused water.

Why don’t you use any preservatives?

We mostly deal in dried and low moisture products like rose petals, herbs, spices, honey, etc which when made properly, have a decent shelf life. We prefer telling our customers about these products’ decent (not very long) shelf life for them to experience the most raw and unprocessed taste!

Why do your Damask Rose petals look little brown-yellow?

Damask variety of roses are light pink in color when fresh, unlike regular rose. When sun-dried, these petals tend to lose their pink hue and become little brownish (especially in case of sun-drying) but this change in color does not have any impact on their goodness or aroma. When they are dried using commercial dehydrators, the pink color remains intact but they lose their goodness.

Do you have any product good for diabetes?

All our products are natural. They are beneficial for the body in the long run but cannot be used in place of doctor prescribed medicines for specific ailments.

How to reach us?

How shall I reach you?

You can reach out to us through “Contact Us” section of our website or by email at support@homegrownplatter.in

When can I hear from you?

After you reach out to us, please give us 24 hours to get back. We try our best to get back to every query at the earliest.

I want to know more about these products.

Please read the blog section on our website for information on benefits, facts and traditional usage of these products.

How to store these products?

Storage instructions are prescribed clearly on the labels of all our products. Please read the labels for most efficient storage tips.

Shipping and order related..

How can I place my order?

You can place your order on our website, amazon or on Instagram by a Direct Message at @homegrownplatter

Which courier partner do you use?

We have partnered with DTDC and Delhivery as our shipping partners.

DTDC and Delhivery do not deliver in my area.

Please let us know a courier agency that delivers at your address via notes while placing your order.

When will I receive my order?

Please expect 10-12 days to receive your order (especially during the covid-19 pandemic)

How do you pack your products?

We pack our products in newspapers or waste cloth pieces in cardboard boxes to avoid any plastic packaging.

Payments and refunds related..

What is your cancellation policy?

We accept cancellation of orders until they are shipped. Once shipped, we do not accept order cancellations.

How can I make the payment for my order?

You can complete the payment for your order by debit card, credit card, net banking, Google Pay, PhonePe or any other UPI platform.

Do you accept COD?

We do not accept Cash on Delivery.

Can I get some discounts?

We do not offer any personalized discounts, as our produce is completely fresh when available for purchasing. If there are any discounts, we list them on the website.

Can I return the product if I do not like it?

We do not accept returns. As these are grocery products, we do not accept returns of products once opened.

What is your refund policy?

We do not accept returns and there is no refund policy.

What if my order breaks or leaks in transit?

Please share the pictures of container and the box with us within 24 hours of receiving at support@homegrownplatter.in. We will initiate a new order or refund your amount in this case.