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Sun charged water: Importance and benefits

Have you ever heard of Sun charged water, and its Ayurvedic importance and benefits? Water is a key source of nourishment for the human body, right? So every day how you take it and what quality of water you intake affects your body’s physical and mental health. Gone are the days when we had availability […]

Benefits and Uses of Moringa Powder

Benefits and uses of moringa powder for health

Have you ever wondered what exactly is Moringa or the benefits and uses of moringa powder? If there is one thing that every Indian street does have, it’s the drumstick tree. If you happen to enter any Indian kitchen, you will likely find the long and slender drumstick vegetable. It goes great with mouthwatering curries […]

5 Interesting Ways To Use Vetiver Roots

Gut cooling vetiver infused water

Vetiver root is a deep, thick and long aromatic root. A perennial grass with immense health benefits and medicinal uses. Traditionally, vetiver root is also known as “Lavancha Root.” Our ancestors used vetiver roots extensively for home remedies too. In a tropical country like India, vetiver has proven to be a naturally aromatic body cooler. […]

Chamomile Tea for Sleep and Anxiety

Chamomile tea for sleep and anxiety

When the world outside is embracing their dreams, rest of eight hours and wake up feeling healthy and refreshed, there you are in your bed, tossing and turning to the torture of sleeplessness. Have you ever heard of Chamomile tea for sleep and anxiety? Does this sound like you? If your answer is a yes, […]

Jackfruit Seed Flour for Diabetes

Jackfruit seed flour for diabetes

Jackfruit or Artocarpus Heterophyllus Lam is one of the most popular fruits of the tropics. It grows abundantly in the tropical climate scattered across Bangladesh, Thailand, Brazil, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India. American Diabetes Association has recognized jackfruit seed flour for its potency against diabetes. Jackfruit is widely known as the succulent and sweet-smelling summer […]

Difference between Cacao and Cocoa

Cacao powder benefitsq

Have you ever wondered about the difference between Cacao and Cocoa? Or even wondered if there even exists any difference? While you are out doing your grocery shopping, there is one thing that your line of vision automatically falls on – the aisle of chocolates. Sometimes on discount, perfectly placed at the entrance of the […]

Benefits of Lavancha Neeru (Vetiver Infused Water)

Vetiver cooling water

Have you ever heard of Lavancha Neeru (vetiver infused water)? It can be very cooling for the body and nourishes it internally. Below we will walk you through what is vetiver and its benefits for the body! What is Vetiver/Khus? Have you ever heard of Lavancha Neeru (vetiver infused water)? Vetiver is an aromatic perennial […]

Benefits of Lakadong Haldi

Lakadong haldi and black pepper for health

Turmeric or commonly known as Haldi is globally known as a magical spice with very real explanation as to why is it good for the body. It has lots of beneficial properties that makes it stand apart as a superfood. Have you ever heard of the benefits of lakadong haldi? Benefits of turmeric for the body […]