5 Interesting Ways To Use Vetiver Roots

Gut cooling vetiver infused water

Vetiver root is a deep, thick and long aromatic root. A perennial grass with immense health benefits and medicinal uses. Traditionally, vetiver root is also known as “Lavancha Root.” Our ancestors used vetiver roots extensively for home remedies too. In a tropical country like India, vetiver has proven to be a naturally aromatic body cooler. This pushed us to write a brief article on the 5 interesting ways to use Vetiver Roots – our summer star!

Why is Vetiver special?

The beauty of vetiver lies in the fact that it is a green plant with aerial stems, but the most mysterious thing is that its aromatic richness is hidden and it takes a great deal of effort to obtain this treasure, you have to dig three to four meters to get to it.

In the ‘Bhagavad Gita’, Krishna describes Vetiver as “I am the fragrance of the soil“. This is a reminder that the creator is present in all creatures of the earth and are nurtured by the rich flavors of Mother Nature.

This is one of those plants that we cannot say enough on all of its properties, there’s just has so much it can do. With its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, aphrodisiac and antioxidant properties it can be used for multi- purposes. Keep scrolling to know 5 interesting ways to use vetiver roots.

Vetiver Water

Just put some vetiver (lavancha roots) it in a pitcher, a glass bottle or a clay pot and let them steep for at least 2 to 4 hours before drinking.

How many vetiver roots to infuse in water? Infuse around 6-8 strands for about 1L of water.

This can also be a great addition for your summer lemonades or coolers. You can also freeze this water as ice cubes and add to drinks to slowly release the vetiver as you enjoy your drink. Believe us, it feels amazing as the ice cubes start to release soothing vetiver aroma in your drink!

What are the benefits of vetiver roots?

  • Helps relax the mind and unwind after a stressful day or week, the perfect evening drink to help with a relaxed sleep
  • Vetiver feels great especially when sipped outdoors. It excites up your water to make sure you feel like getting enough of it
  • Vetiver water helps cure painful urination, ulcers and bad breath
  • Including khus roots in the routine helps purify blood, remove body heat and acne

Vetiver roots for aromatherapy

The woody & slightly sweet scent of vetiver can be used to promote feelings of wellness and peace. A handful of these roots can be placed either in your rooms, sides of windows, wardrobes, bathrooms or work desks. The subtle sweetness of vetiver’s scent will give your indoor space a freshness more typical of a well-ventilated forest, an aroma that is alluring, comforting and earthy.

Vetiver as a pest repellent

Vetiver makes an excellent insecticide. Using vetiver roots by burning them in corners of the house can help keep out and repel termites and mosquitoes. You can keep them near your plants to prevent it from insect attacks and use them in storage closets as a moth/bug repellent.

Besides acting as insect repellents, burning vetiver roots like incense releases a positivity-filled aroma, a natural aromatherapy practice.

Vetiver tea

To make this you will need:

Boil all of this in a vessel till the time when water has reduced by half and relish its benefits especially on the days when you feel a bit stressed to bring in a sense of tranquility.

Vetiver Bath powder

Vetiver is an amazing ingredient to add in bath powders as it has wonderful anti-bacterial properties. Besides this, vetiver roots make the bath powder smell very good. To make the bath powder, sun dry green gram dal and a small bunch of vetiver roots under hot sunlight till they get very crisp. Powder finely in a mixer, sieve and store.

Vetiver is very aromatic, so use just a little to make this powder. Both vetiver and green gram powder are very cooling for the body. This powder is excellent for small babies as it does not have any harsh chemicals. Keep the leftover powder in an airtight box away from moisture for use later.

Pro-tip: After consumption or straining the khus-infused water, tie the wet vetiver in a bunch and use it as an excellent body scrub or loofah as well

Do let us know which of these tips did you use to beat the heat and do summer right – we are all ears through WhatsApp, Instagram, Email or a phone call.

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