Sun charged water: Importance and benefits

Have you ever heard of Sun charged water, and its Ayurvedic importance and benefits?

Water is a key source of nourishment for the human body, right? So every day how you take it and what quality of water you intake affects your body’s physical and mental health.

Gone are the days when we had availability of fresh water directly from lakes & rivers. Nowadays major sources of drinking water have been polluted. Water remains caught in plastic tanks & rustic pipes and as a result it turns out to what Ayurveda calls “dead water.”

On the other hand, the sun is the source of life and it is believed that sunlight contains more than 70 elements and has powerful energetic waves that get mixed in water and renders it properties of being anti-viral, antifungal and antibacterial.

What is sun-charged water? How to make sun-charged water?

Sun-charged water is natural water infused with minerals from the sun. To make it:

  • Pour clean drinking water in a shallow earthen pot or a clear glass container. Place it outside in direct sunlight (do not place it on grass)
  • Cover it using thin muslin cloth or cork (in case of glass bottles). Allow it to charge for a good 5-7 hours. Prefer keeping it in the morning around 7-9am
  • Later, collect it in your water dispenser and drink within 24 hours (do not refrigerate)


  • You can consume sun-charged water directly
  • Great for cooking food and bathing regularly for its natural potency, hair and skin benefits
  • Sun charged water also works wonderfully when given to pets and plants

What are the benefits of sun-charged water?

Their are a host of Ayurvedic importance and benefits of sun-charged water. This solarized water is also known as sun-treatment or Surya Chikitsa/ Suryang Santaptam in Ayurveda and is considered as the purest water that is highly effective as the light and heat oxidizes the water, changing its molecular structure and making it more alive by infusing it with natural benefits, some of which include:

  • Its healing property addresses your skin concerns and helps it glow naturally

Topically applying sun-charged water on any scratches, bites, rashes, and fungus can help. It speeds up their healing process and improve skin condition by cell and tissue rejuvenation.

  • Sun-charged water makes for an excellent natural source of Vitamin D

Solarized water contains an amazing amount of natural sunshine that can give us around 10,000 IU vitamin D. It is strong enough to help provide our bodies with Vitamin D which is crucial for regulating your immune system. Sun-charged water also helps getting rid of diseases as it eliminates the root cause of internal diseases and improves the health of your internal organs.

  • It helps maintain a healthy body by removing toxins

From head to toe, it can make your whole body glow since it removes heavy metals, radiation, and toxins from your digestive systems as well as blood circulation systems that might cause congestion or other types of problems in your colon.

During these hotter months it can help change the PH level of the body to alkaline, thereby eliminating body heat and also decreasing the chances of getting sick with chronic diseases.

You’re likely to experience an increased energy level as it also helps with insomnia, depression, mental instability, and anxiety.

  • Enhances memory, brain functioning and body’s energy retention power

It can also clean brain cells from those harmful ingredients and balance the quantum of sun’s energy in thy body.

Whether it is summer or winter, any time is the perfect time to get going with this habit and incorporate it in your daily routine because it’s these small steps that eventually make a huge difference in your overall well-being.

You can also jazz up this water by adding 4 to 5 strands of vetiver roots (lavancha roots) or 2 to 3 drops of our much loved edible damask rose water later for an extra hydrating and cooling effect.

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