Your skin’s favorite flower

Rose water for skincare

The majestic rose has long been associated with being the skin’s favorite flower and there are multiple reasons for it being called so..

There once was a fierce queen called Rani Samyukta, whose beauty had spread through words and whispers all over India. People would cross borders and come to Delhi, just to get a glimpse of her staggering beauty.

But what was more promising than her beauty was her captivating scent and smooth skin. She was known to leave behind her, a trail of the most aromatic aura of Damask roses. She would not only bathe in rose water every day but also drink a mixture of rosewater and honey for healthy and glowing skin.

All rose-d up, Indian queens were known to create rose water masks to get firm skin and a glow of youth. It might be surprising to note that the ritual of rose water is not only specific to heavenly rulers of India. It is also widespread among Persian and European women who have shaped the history of beauty!

Not limited to the ladies of the centuries before us, men with a creative temperament also loved rose water. This helped them maintain a good mood and healthy mindset to produce breathtaking art.

For example, did you know that Micheal Angelo, the pharaoh of art, drank rose water every morning to get a dose of a positive mindset?

Even Tansen, the talented musician who wooed most of India with his touch of music in the 1580s. He used to drink a spoon of rose water to help ease his mind and inspire him to create soulful music.

All these fascinating tales point us to believe that rose water contains fairy dust blessed by the gods themselves. This makes it our skin’s favorite flower for over centuries now!

Why Is Rose Water Good For Skin?

Since ancient times, rose water has been used as a popular ingredient in skincare products and attributed as the skin’s favorite flower, especially when it comes to maintaining glowing skin. Now, why exactly is this the case, and what are the possible benefits of rose water for good skin?

  • Toning

Toning is an important part of the skincare regimen. It is truly the soul beneath the skincare that makes the skin come alive. Rosewater acts as a gentle toner, helps removing oil and vexing debris from the skin while maintaining the gentle pH. Rosewater also helps to prevent blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads by controlling the oil balance of our skin.

  • Make-Up Remover

Removing make-up is largely a battle. The constant rubbing and de-puffing can leave the skin sore and lifeless. If the products contain chemicals, now that is just another volcano ready to erupt on our skin. Many make-up removers contain harsh ingredients that tend to harm our skin whereas rose water contains soothing properties that can also be used as a gentle makeup remover for all skin types. It ensures that after you remove your makeup, your skin feels hydrated and fresh.

  • Skin Nourishing

Rosewater is highly rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and phenolics. This controls temporary swelling due to acne and reduces dark spots to give you a crystal clear face.

  • Glowing (read: naturally) skin

Rosewater plumps up your troublesome fine lines and helps to get rid of pesky-looking pores on your skin, giving your face a beautiful glow.

  • Natural Hydration

Dehydration is not a good look for your skin. To take care of dull days of your skin, rose water provides intense moisture and acts as a rejuvenating boost making your skin look its best throughout the day!

Things that you give up when using our Damask rose water – Additives and filters

Rosewater in today’s climate is an essential ingredient of the highest caliber luxury products for skincare, health, and even hair care. Some can have additives and filters that are harmful to your skin. Here is why our Damask Rose Water has a shorted shelf life than most commercial ones. Nothing except just the steam from distilled Damask roses goes inside these bottles. We are India’s first edible rose water, pure Gulab ark, made by traditional steam distillation from Damask roses in Uttarakhand.

We believe that if a rose water is pure, there should be nothing stopping from consuming it!

Try our edible Damask Rose Water from Uttarakhand: Edible Damask Rose Water [Steam Distilled Gulab Ark | Gut Cooling]

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