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India’s first edible rose water from Uttarakhand

The fact that we came up with India’s first Pure, Edible Damask Rose Water from Uttarakhand makes us really happy. Aromatic, beautiful and delicious – Rose is considered to be the flower of the goddesses and it’s no surprise that roses have always been associated with beauty. Delicate petals of the damask roses have so […]

Rose Water for a Healthy Skin and Gut

Have you ever wondered about the ways to use rose water for a healthy skin and gut. In this article, we will highlight a few of the most beneficial ones. Eternally fragrant – the words that describe the rose are quite apt in its description, is it not? Yet we can all surely agree that […]

Your skin’s favorite flower

Rose water for skincare

The majestic rose has long been associated with being the skin’s favorite flower and there are multiple reasons for it being called so.. There once was a fierce queen called Rani Samyukta, whose beauty had spread through words and whispers all over India. People would cross borders and come to Delhi, just to get a […]