Benefits of Lavancha Neeru (Vetiver Infused Water)

Vetiver cooling water

Have you ever heard of Lavancha Neeru (vetiver infused water)? It can be very cooling for the body and nourishes it internally. Below we will walk you through what is vetiver and its benefits for the body!

What is Vetiver/Khus?

Have you ever heard of Lavancha Neeru (vetiver infused water)?

Vetiver is an aromatic perennial grass native to Asian countries specially India, Pakistan, Thailand and Sri Lanka. We would describe it as a magical herb which lacks recognition for the wonders that it can do with its anti-bacterial and cooling properties.
In different regions of the country, it is commonly known as Khus, Lavancha, Vala or Ramacham.
Because of its appearance and pleasant aroma, it is compared with the lemongrass family, forming a part of the club of aromatic herbs.

Common uses of vetiver roots

Roots of Vetiver grass are so commonly used that most likely you would have used them knowingly or unknowingly!
Essential oil from vetiver roots is great for making soaps, hand washes, perfumes and sherbats/syrups. Vetiver roots also have a common application in medicine industry for their cooling and anti-bacterial properties. Most of the baby powders and creams have vetiver essential oil as an active ingredient to induce a relaxed sleep for the child.
These roots are an essential component for making body scrubs or loofahs as they are extremely exfoliating for the skin.

How did our ancestors use Khus roots?

Importance of Vetiver or Khus roots dates many years back when our grandparents used them to make traditional hand fans, baskets or slippers. Our ancestors traditionally used vetiver roots to make mats and carpets because of their cooling properties. These vetiver carpets are great to beat the heat and for a cooling effect on the body. They also used to keep few strands of Vetiver roots in their wardrobes or corners of the house as a natural air freshener and to keep insects and pests away.
Besides these, they also used khus roots in their drinking water which we’ll describe in detail below..

Vetiver infused water for a cool gut!

Vetiver roots are known for their cooling properties to the gut and body. To make Vetiver infused water, follow these simple steps:

  • Infuse few strands of Vetiver roots in your water bottle/ matka
  • Fill the bottle/ matka with drinking water
  • Let the roots sit in this water for a couple of hours (You can also leave them overnight)
  • Strain the water and drink it like usual drinking water
  • As an added goodness, you can also infuse some cut lemon pieces in your bottle/ matka for a tangy flavor and goodness of Vitamin-C

What are the benefits of Vetiver water?

The cooling properties of Vetiver roots make it an excellent simple ingredient to get rid of the excess body heat and tropical summer heat. Its cooling properties help relieve ulcers, a sign of body heat. They help prevent acne, pimples and nourishes the skin internally. It is because of this property that some studies attribute vetiver roots with a naturally glowing skin.
Besides the cooling properties, vetiver roots are also good for nervous system issues, are anti-bacterial and anti-depressant by nature. It is this nature of vetiver which makes it great for aromatherapy and for relaxing the mind.

Try these unique and cooling roots of vetiver from Karnataka: Khus Roots [Vetiver Roots] for Infused Water and Khus Sharbat from Karnataka, 40g

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