Best Ayurvedic Chai for your Dosha

Loose leaves of Hibiscus tea

Drinking a great cup of healthy ayurvedic chai is always in line with bringing you a brighter smile. It has something to do with the warming spices, blend of the rich texture, and the joy it activates in the passing moment, doesn’t it? There always exists a best Ayurvedic chai for your dosha.

The power of drinking ayurvedic chai is that it’s not only a feast for our taste buds, it also has rich health benefits!
But did you know that the benefits of tea can be maximized by drinking the best ayurvedic tea for your Dosha?
If you’re interested to know more about the same, then this article is for you!
So let’s leave no stone unturned and let us take you through everything you need to know regarding the best ayurvedic chai for your dosha.

What are the 3 ayurvedic Doshas?

The intrinsic meaning of the word “Dosha” means “to cause harm” or “fault”. The five elements our senses can take in such as air, water, fire, earth, and ether combine to form the 3 ayurvedic doshas – Vata, pitta, and Kapha. Everyone is made up of a unique combination of these doshas and this is called their “prakruti”. When the 3 doshas are not balanced in body, it can result in diseases that affect the mind and body. Given below is a list of best ayurvedic chai for your dosha to help you balance or maintain your prakruti!

Lemon Balm Tea – The Best Tea for Vata Dosha

Lemon balm tea is a popular ayurvedic tea to balance that Vata Dosha. Vata, known to be made of air, is light and dry. An excess of Vata dosha can cause conditions like hyperactive nervousness, insomnia, dry skin, and possible constipation. Lemon Balm Tea, with its combination of a sweet honey flavor with a hint of lemon, helps in balancing the Vata dosha by the following pathways –

  • Offers a mild calming sensation due to its aroma which promotes healthy sleep. A study published by the University of Michigan showed that the combination of lemon tea with valerian root was as effective as sleep disorder drugs
  • Used to treat an array of digestive disorders like constipation and indigestion
  • Alleviate headaches and brain fog to reduce nervousness. Lemon balm leaves are an active ingredient in anti-anxiety medicines all over the world. The Indian Journal of pharmacology recently affirmed the fact that lemon balm was highly effective in relieving stress
  • Alleviate pain during menstrual cramps

Peppermint Tea – The Best Tea for Pitta Dosha

Peppermint tea is used for a multitude of health purposes and is known to balance the triggers of Pitta Dosha. Pitta, known to be made of fire, is hot, intense, and sharp. Excessive pitta dosha can lead to diseases and conditions like rashes, acne, inflammation, and a series of psychological and physiological ailments. Peppermint tea, when drunk hot has cooling energy on the body and helps balance and decrease the pitta dosha through the following pathways –

  • Helps to cleanse toxins out of the body by stimulating and promoting perspiration which results in clear skin
  • Supports the respiratory function and the immune system
  • The invigorating smell and energizing flavor can help to circulate energy in our body
  • Relieves an upset stomach and acts as a great digestive aid

Hibiscus Flower Tea – The Best Tea for Kapha Dosha

The Hibiscus plant is not only known for its beautiful blossoms but also known for the healing, soothing, and purifying energy that makes it a powerful herbal ally. Kapha, known to be made of earth and water, is heavy, moist, slow, and cool. Excess of Kapha Dosha can lead to conditions like lethargy, water retention, excess mucus, excess weight gain, and psychological ailments.

Hibiscus flower tea is also known as the “destroyer of obstacles” and associated with Lord Ganesha in the Indian scriptures. It helps balance the Kapha Dosha through the following pathways –

  • Promotes proper function of the kidneys
  • Helps to regulate and maintain weight
  • Promotes healthy heart function
  • Helps to maintain blood pressure range
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Clears hormonal acne or rashes on the skin

As you can see from above, you can squeeze out the benefits of chai by drinking the right ones for each Dosha. All you need is a pack of these essential herbs that will rejuvenate your mind and refresh your body for a healthier and soulful lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? Spare a minute of your day and make some sizzling chai to suit your Dosha!

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